Friday, October 10, 2014

Update and EXCITEMENT!

Well, I figured I would give you guys a bit of news regarding where I've been. Normally I wouldn't just poof without some sort of heads up, but since I did, it's only fair to give you as much information as possible. Which just so you know, isn't a lot.

I've been feeling really bad health wise lately. To the point where all I want to do is sleep. This has completely thrown my desire to read out the window, since sleep gets very askew when I read as I am not the type to stop until the book is done. So as I have not been reading, I have not been able to get reviews going. For this I am sorry.

I do have something scheduled for October 25th. I am part of a tour for Ruth Silver's book Orenda, which I have heard a lot of good things about and look forward to reading. So keep a look out for that! Oh and here's the snazzy little banner for it, which by the way, I love!

And finally, I got some excitement today!  A package came in the mail from Bloomsbury.  Can you guess what was inside?  CAN YOU!?  How about I show you!
HOW BEAUTIFUL IS THAT WRAPPING?  Though, gonna be honest, difficult to open.  
I WAS TRICKED!  The pretty wrapping was just transparent with paper under it.  I really wanted to keep the wrapping.  LOL.
THERE IT IS!  I love this cover, the colors are so pretty.  I cannot wait to read it!  Far too excited.  Have you guys read The Bone Season?  Looking forward to The Mime Order?  What are your thoughts? 
Just something extra.  This was the inside of the paper wrapping.  Not the best image, but I wanted to share it with you.  My copy is kinda ripped up, I am gonna save it of course, but there are probably better copies out there.

Anyway, thanks so much for sticking with my guys!

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