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REVIEW - The Faerie War, Creepy Hollow #3

This book was received by the author in
exchange for an honest review
Title: The Faerie War, Creepy Hollow's #3
Author: Rachel Morgan
Release Date: October 2013
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Romance
Time Took to Read: 4.5 Hours

Synopsis: Found on Goodreads.
Violet Fairdale is in big trouble. Her home is gone, her beloved forest lies in ruins, the guy she gave her heart to has deserted her—and she doesn’t remember any of it. The powerful Lord Draven is taking over, brainwashing guardians into fighting for him. No one is safe from the evil spreading throughout the fae world.

As alliances are forged between the remaining free fae, Vi struggles to reclaim her identity and figure out where she belongs in this new world. When someone from her past shows up, life gets even more complicated. He brings with him a long-forgotten weapon and an ancient prophecy that places Vi at the center of the fight against Draven. With the future of the fae world at stake, can Vi carry out the prophecy’s instructions before it’s too late?

5 out of 5 stars

"I happen to know you’re a fan of glow-bugs. Or, more specifically, glow-bug butts."

This book started off in a torrent of feels for me.  I honestly had to stop at some point and go grab my nearest comfort food and a tissue because I was just

I was mad at Vi.  I admit it.  I wanted to slap her silly.  I know, I know, it was hard.  Dealing with everything she had to deal with up until this point, dealing with guilt and the knowledge that she contributed to what happened, well it had to have sucked, but I was so, so, so upset for those that she had known before.  Ryn, Filigree, and even Uri, I felt bad for them.

However, that did not lessen my love for this book, this entire series, in the least.  I stick by what I said for book one - Rachel Morgan has a way of writing that is so relaxed that you flow from one page to the next without really realizing the time that has passed.  I never once had to stop and go "what just happened here?" or "what was she trying to say?".  It was written in such amazing detail, and yet, it also was not too over the top to complicate things.

I am incredibly sad that the series is over.  I am also incredibly happy with the outcome.  I want more from Rachel Morgan.  I want more from this series.  Perhaps following a certain Star named Tilly.  I don't think anyone understands just how much I would adore that.

Now, I am gonna go find some breakfast, and maybe eventually sleep.  I am certain I will have immense withdrawal now that this series is over.

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